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Belize is situated on the east shore of Central America. The nation measures 8,867 square miles. It is flanked by Mexico on the North, Guatemala on the West and South, and the Caribbean Sea on the East. Belize's most astounding focuses, Doyle's Delight and Victoria Peak, achieve statures of 3,687 feet and 3,675 feet individually. Seaward, the Belize Barrier Reef, the second longest on the planet, is 185 miles in length.


Belize is a free country with an equitably chose parliament. An individual from the British Commonwealth, Belize's head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. She is represented by the Governor General of Belize. The Prime Minister is the head of Government.


Belize gloats one of the most reduced populace densities in Central America. In 2010, the populace was evaluated to be a little more than 300,000 individuals.


The atmosphere of Belize is tropical to subtropical with both wet and dry seasons. The normal temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit despite the fact that the dampness at times influences it to feel more blazing, particularly in inland territories. Frosty fronts or "northers" by and large happen in December and January and as a rule bring precipitation and cooler temperatures.


The official money is the Belize dollar. Two Belize dollars are proportionate to one U.S. dollar.


A general deals expense of 12.5% is charged on all merchandise and enterprises. Inn assess is 9%.

Airplane terminal DEPARTURE TAX:

Non-Belizeans pay a US $39.25 flight impose.


GMT-6, same as U.S. Focal Standard Time. Belize does not watch sunlight investment funds time.

Broadcast communications:

Belize's zone code is 501. PDAs can be leased or purchased from nearby suppliers to make national and worldwide calls. Wi-Fi is accessible at generally lodgings. Web bistros are situated the nation over.


Purified filtered water is broadly accessible yet tap water is consumable.


110 volts AC; same as North America.


An assortment of religions are honed in Belize. Christian groups incorporate Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Post cards to the U.S. furthermore, Canada are BZ $0.30 and letters cost BZ $0.60. To Europe, postcards are BZ $0.40, and letters begin at BZ $0.75. Expedited delivery administrations are accessible by means of DHL, FEDEX, and EMS.