Columbus Central University is considered as one of the best medical school in the Caribbean to pursue pharmaceutical with licensed Premed, Basic and Clinical Science Programs. Our site contains data about Caribbean medical schools, global schools of pharmaceutical, top Caribbean restorative universities and best outside therapeutic schools. While applying to our Top Caribbean therapeutic school, you are picking the best Top Caribbean institute for medicine Top medical schools in the Caribbean ought to be licensed and have high USMLE passing rates, ACGME certified clinical turns and an affirmed application procedure to enable you to wind up a specialist. The medicinal educational programs instructed in our Caribbean medical school grounds incorporate top scholarly highlights of American and Top Caribbean medical schools. Columbus Central University acknowledgments make our undergraduates qualified for clinical pivots and licensure in the U.S. After passing USMLE, undergraduates begin clinical internship in authorize healing facilities all through the United States or the United Kingdom. We offer a MD Medical Degree program (specialist of solution), in which the initial four semesters of the Basic Sciences are educated in Belize. We additionally offer a Premed (undergraduate coursework) program for higher secondary school graduates without MCAT. The MD degree (Doctor of medicine) can be endless supply of the Basic Science and the Clinical Science program. Over that Belize is viewed as the best place for medicinal instruction in the Caribbean.


Columbus Central University is one of the best medical schools in the Caribbean, built up by American Physicians and is certified, authorized, and enrolled inside the wonderful Nationality of Belize. We are preparing students for the next level of medical training in ACGME licensed American teaching hospitals by executing a U.S. standard educational programs, utilized as a part of the best North American LCME/AAMC schools of medication focusing Higher Order Thinking Skills (information, understanding, application, examination, combination and assessment) tried in USMLE Step I as opposed to basic remembrance of facts.

At Columbus Central University, our aim is to make a totally new model of medical education, one that will improve the college's capacity to go as a transformational agent in medicinal services. Our unique kind of approach grasps cross-disciplinary teaching modalities, breakthrough technologies, and innovative approaches to propel teaching in both basic science and clinical skills all through the medical school educational programs. Likewise, we wish to develop students’ comprehension of academic medicine to better set up tomorrow's doctors and have a sweeping effect on their further profession and career

  • Official Name: Columbus Central University
  • Founded: 2006
  • Office of Admissions: Columbus, Ohio
  • Campus Location: Belize, Central America
  • Clinical Rotations: over 300 slots throughout the United States and United Kingdom
  • Academic Calendar: 16 week Trimester – January, May, September
  • Faculty Staff Qualifications: MD, PhD, PsyD, PharmD and MBBS
  • Financial Aid: Private Loan Affiliation Program, Scholarship, Payment Plan, Tuition Discount
  • Accreditation’s & Recognitions: WHO, IMED, ECFMG, MCC, WAUC, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture of Belize
  • BS Student-Teacher Ratio: 9-1 (*)
  • CS Student-Preceptor Ratio: 6-1 (*)
  • Number of Clinical Rotation Slots: 327 (*)
  • Average Class Size: 16 students
  • Cost of Living: $300-$400 per month
  • Cost of Attendance: Premedical – $3000 per semester
  • Basic Science – $4500 per semester
  • Clinical Science – $3000 per semester

* Real time data from our database center